Poole Community Based Service

Eastgate Lodge
Parkstone Road
BH15 2SF

01202 749 658

Download our community based service leaflet.

We provide recovery focused groups and one to one support for individuals with mental health problems throughout the Poole area. We also provide a carers service, providing one to one support and group support to individuals who care for people who have mental health problems.

How we help

We provide a programme of groups and activities, some of which are based at Eastgate Lodge in Poole Park, and others in the community in the Poole area. Groups and activities are varied and include conservation work, anxiety management and wellbeing and recovery courses. One to one work provides an opportunity to work with our staff to achieve recovery goals by using an individual support plan.

In addition, our carers service provides one to one support and we run a monthly carers support group where carers can get information and advice as well as support from each other.

We work with individuals on a one to one basis to support them to reach their recovery goals using individual support plans tailored to their needs.

We help them maintain and improve their wellbeing and recovery through groups and activities that are focused on enabling personal development, creativity, building confidence and self esteem while increasing an individual’s ability to manage their own recovery.

Many of our groups are run in partnership with Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, adult education providers, service user trainers and independent therapists and trainers.

Who we can help

Our service is open to anyone aged over 18 who is currently under the community mental health team within the Poole area.

Carers can apply if they care for an individual who is currently under the community mental health team in the Poole area.

Referrals should be made by application form with a current risk assessment by the individual’s care coordinator.

Our values

At the heart of everything we do lies:

    • Hope: the belief that recovery is possible for every individual
    • Respect: valuing differences and all contributions
    • Enabling: giving people encouragement and support to achieve their goals
    • Inclusion: the belief that everyone has a right to participate fully in society.