Eclipse (Barnet)

209 Crescent Road
New Barnet

0208 3648466

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An innovative, evolving and organic mental health and wellbeing service, Eclipse is delivered across the borough of Barnet by Richmond Fellowship in Barnet (RF) working in partnership with Mind in Barnet (MiB), the Barnet Centre for Independent Living (BCIL) and people who have or had mental health problems. At the heart of the service is peer involvement where people use their own experience and skills to support others, and develop and deliver the service.

How we help

We work towards raising awareness and understanding of mental health in the community and inspire and support people to live a rich, healthy and fulfilling life by:

  • promoting recovery, health and wellbeing
  • increasing community participation and inclusion
  • reducing social isolation
  • peer support and co-production
  • choice and control support
  • increasing awareness and understanding of mental health
  • challenging stigma and discrimination.

Recovery & Inclusion
We work with people on a one-to-one basis and in groups to help them develop their own action plans, identify their own recovery goals. With their key advisor, people will be able to engage in a programme of activity to enable achievement of these goals, including:

      • improving confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, social skills and ability to take part in everyday community activities
        tackling issues which may be affecting mental wellbeing, such as problems with relationships, housing, benefits (signposting to other organisations where relevant)
      • increasing understanding of mental health and specific diagnoses, how to stay well and manage mental health and wellbeing
      • developing skills for using technology to connect with others, as a tool for learning and actively engaging with the community
        gaining skills needed to become a volunteer and enter/remain in paid employment.

Peer Support & Mentoring
Peer support is a vital element of Eclipse. Peers are people who have experienced mental health problems and are at a stage of their own recovery where they want to and are able to provide support and share personal experience of recovery in a way that inspires others. A wide range of peer support groups are available to meet people’s social and leisure interests, and their support needs. Peers will provide one-to-one mentoring, allowing people to own their recovery. Benefits gained from receiving peer support can include:

        • increased self esteem and self confidence
        • a sense of belonging
        • motivation to learn new skills
        • enhanced mental and physical wellbeing
        • reduced use of treatment services and medication

Mental Health & Wellbeing
Eclipse provides information and advice regarding mental health and wellbeing to anyone who lives and/or works in the borough of Barnet. Working in and with the community we will help identify, and provide support to, people who have not previously used our services. We work with people of all ages to raise awareness of mental health, how to prevent health problems and manage wellbeing. Through the work we do in the community, we aim to tackle stigma and discrimination to provide a safer and more inclusive community for people with mental health problems. We do this by:

          • supporting public health and anti-stigma and discrimination campaigns through events such as World Mental Health Day
            holding information and advice sessions in community locations
          • delivering mental health and wellbeing workshops and training to the general public, community organisations, and to schools, colleges and workplaces
          • providing accredited Mental Health First Aid training to employers

Who we can help

Eclipse services are funded by the London Borough of Barnet, are free of charge, are open to everyone in the borough of Barnet and are delivered in the community, at libraries, church halls, community halls, cafes, public houses and rooms in the premises of other organisations.

On first contact, individual needs are discussed and services are provided to meet those needs. If we are unable to meet these needs, we will signpost and/or refer people to other services.

Our approach

At the heart of everything we do lies:

          • Hope: the belief that recovery is possible for every individual
          • Respect: valuing differences and all contributions
          • Enabling: giving people encouragement and support to achieve their goals
          • Inclusion: the belief that everyone has a right to participate fully in society.